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So my grandpa was born in 1917. What happened was – this is what my mum told me – he was born during the war, he was in the war, world war 1. I do feel proud of him. 

What happened was he met my grandma I think, grandma was in Italy at the time. So my grandma was in Italy and she worked in a restaurant and went to England. So in the end my grandpa found a lady and that was my grandma. They had my mum, they had my aunty, and they had one of my uncles. 

When I was a kid and probably about 4 or 5 when my mum went back my grandpa and my grandma looked after me and we used to play games. Frustration, monopoly, guess who. What happened was my grandma used to do the cooking, so my grandpa used to play board games with us in the morning then about 12 o clock we used to have lunch and watch tv then about half 12 the phone rang and it was my mum.  

They were arguing a lot, you should have seen them. When my grandma was a bit bossy to my grandpa I always laughed. 

I lived in Portslade and Hove. I live in Supported Living. I do like it. I’m lucky, I have my own flat, my own kitchen et cetera. This morning I did a room clean. I’m growing peas on my windowsill. 

When this was residential I was downstairs so staff would cook for us. And now I’m not in residential and I cook by myself. I prefer supported living so I can cook by myself. I do like it. It was really good for me. In July 2012 this changed into supported living. I do prefer it, I’ve got my own space. 

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