Susan Street was born in Portsmouth in 1946. She has lived in Shared Lives arrangements since 1957. Sue regularly comes to the Day Centre in Montefiore Road, and enjoys creating art, doing puzzles and talking to her friends. She is also active in Speak Out.

Sue in the early 1960s

Sue sharing some of her photos and memories with us

Here Sue talks about her early memories of the Guardianship and her problems with one of her carers. She also talks about how different the Day Centre was back then, and about her friends, dogs and boyfriends.

The videos are:

  1. What the Guardianship and Day Centre used to be like.
  2. Sue’s memories of living in Peacehaven and running away from her carer.
  3. Sue’s memories of her boyfriends
  4. Losing contact with old friends.

Sue also wrote some of her life story down for us as part of activities for our 100th birthday – you can read it here: Susan Street’s Story, Oct 2013

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